Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bonds Hits #747 [David Stefanini]

Barry Bonds ended his home run drought last night. This home run leaves him 8 behind the all-time home run record, held by Hank Aaron. So what does everyone this about it?

Bonds is going to get the record and the way MLB is conducting themselves is once again embarrassing. Let me get this strategy straight, your biggest record and most spoken of athlete is breaking this record and what are you doing? Nothing! Great idea, did you guys ask the local grammar school to come up with this strategy?

Give Bonds the credit, he deserves it. He probably took steroids but so have many other baseball players, INCLUDING pitchers. If Bonds took steroids and so did the pitchers he faced doesn't that cancel out the affect?

Baseball is becoming a pitiful league. We have the all-star game that ends in a tie, and to counter that lets have the winning team get home-field advantage. GREAT IDEA!! Why don't we just flip a coin and skip the all-star game in general? That way we avoid people getting mad about the all-star game and it has the same affect of the regular season doesn't matter, just get in the playoffs. MLB seriously needs to look at how they make decisions.

Bonds is going to get this record; it is time to feel happy about that and respect it. Give him special baseballs every time he is at the plate. Just do something. Maybe whichever team he hits the most home runs off of, why don't we give them a free trip to the playoffs? That sounds most like the idea that MLB would come up with.

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