Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Complete Coverage: NBA Draft [David Stefanini]

With a lot of things going around in the NBA today I think it is time to do a full rundown of exactly what is going on.

First the big news of the day is a potential 4-team trade involving the Celtics, Pacers, T'Wolves, and Lakers. The trade would bring Kevin Garnett to the Lakers to pair with Kobe Bryant. The Celtics would get Jermaine O'Neal, the Pacers would get Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, and the lonely T'Wolves would get draft picks.
Why is this trade likely to happen? The Lakers desperately want to please Kobe. Getting Garnett would make Kobe very happy and stop all the trade talks surrounding him. The Celtics would get an All-Star center to go along with Paul Pierce making them a force in the East. The Pacers would get 2 very good players; one of them being a potential Super-Star. The T'Wolves will finally have let Garnett go after screwing the world and Garnett out of 10 years.
Why is the trade not going to happen? Kevin Garnett wants to go to Phoenix. The Lakers are a good place for him to be, but he wants to be an instant contender. Plus he gets to play with Steve Nash. Also, the T'Wolves want Celtics' young gun, Al Jefferson. The Celtics want to hold onto him and develop him alongside Paul Pierce. If anything is going to prevent this trade from happening it is going to be the Celtics not parting ways with Al Jefferson.
Now onto the upcoming NBA Draft:

If I hear how Greg Oden is a future Hall of Famer one my time I am going to jump off the GW Bridge. Kevin Durant is the best, let me repeat the BEST, player in this upcoming draft. If the season was to start tomorrow Durant would have an instant impact on a teams chances of making it to the playoffs. Year after year Durant is going to single-handily keep his team in the playoff hunt. If they surround him with talent he can take them to the championship.
With that said, Greg Oden should be the #1 pick in the draft. Durant can take his team to the playoffs every year, but an All-Star center puts you in the championship talk every year. Oden is a true center. He is not like Jermaine O'Neal who will step outside and shoot jump shots. Oden is like Shaq, he will wear you down and put your entire team in foul trouble. He is a force on the defensive end and should be taken #1.
Everything I just wrote you guys must of heard 100 times by now about the Durant/Oden Draft. But here is something we should all consider. There are 3 other players in this years Draft that I feel are potential Super-Stars. They are: Mike Conley Jr., Brandan Wright, and Corey Brewer; in that order. Conley Jr. is an amazing point guard who reminds me of a fast Steve Nash. Watching this young man play in the NCAA Tournament make me smile. He plays the game with such passion and fire where he seemingly wills his team to victory.
Next is Brandan Wright. The sky is the limit for this kid. It would not surprise me if in 5 years we are saying Brandan Wright was the best player selected in this years draft. He is long, athletic, and can block shots with the very best of them. This kid as all the talent in the world. The one downside is I am hearing at his workouts he has been slacking in the hustle department. If he can hustle and get his work ethic up, you can mark my words; Wright will be the best player in this draft.
Speaking of long, athletic, physical specimens how about Corey Brewer. Can someone tell me what he can't do on the court?..... I didn't think so. There isn't anything this young man can't do on the court. He has all the pieces for dynamic NBA career.
One more thing before I give you my mock Draft. SHUT UP ABOUT YI JIANLIAN. He is a tall man who can shoot a jump shot. Holy Mother of God, I never heard of such a thing. You mean there is a big man in the world who can shoot jump shots, where I have been these past 10 years? It's not like Garnett, O'Neal, Yao, Darius Miles, Kwame Brown, or My dear Uncle can do that. Give me a freakin' break. The guy is a bum who will be broken in half by any player in the NBA. Leave him in China and tell him to work on his game.
Lastly, let me show you my mock Draft:
  1. Greg Oden
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Al Horford
  4. Mike Conley Jr.
  5. Brandan Wright
  6. Corey Brewer
  7. Spencer Hawkes
  8. Joakim Noah
  9. Jeff Green
  10. Yi Jianlian

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