Monday, June 18, 2007

Kobe's Agent: My Client Wants Out [David Stefanini]

Here we go again in Laker-land. According to Kobe Bryant's agent, Kobe is tired of the Lakers organization and wants to be shipped to another team. Recently, Kobe has gone back and forth on what he wants to do. I feel this time he will not change his mind. He wants out of L.A, the question becomes do the Lakers want to trade him?

The Lakers are seeming to be quiet on the subject. They need to understand something, Kobe is not Garnett. Kobe will kick and scream until he gets a new team whereas Garnett does nothing and stays miserable.

Where would Kobe go? Two teams are jumping out from the page to me. The Chicago Bulls seem to be the clear cut obvious choice for Kobe. The Bulls also look very appealing to the Lakers, because they have an abundance of of young talent and potential All-Stars. The second choice would be the New York Knicks.

Since ESPN and everyone else is covering the probablity of the Bulls getting Kobe lets look at the possibility of the Knicks getting him.

First lets look at the cons: The team sucks, Isiah Thomas is an idiot, they have salary cap issues, and the Knicks have no one to offer the Lakers in a trade.

The prons are great however. Kobe would play in New York, his endorsement deals would skyrocket, and if Kobe could lead the Knicks to a title he would go down as Michael Jordan's equal (like it or not).

I am going to say there is a 90% chance Kobe plays for the Lakers next season, a 9% chance it is the Bulls, and a 1% chance he goes to the Knicks.

After next season I would say the percentage is 99% Bulls, and 1% to anyone else in the Eastern Conference.

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