Friday, June 15, 2007

Lost and Found? [J. Mark English]

Its about time the blog has something about the hottest topic in the DC beltway, immigration. The New York Post had an article titled "Lost and Found". This is fairly amusing:

The Haitian soccer players are back. Now, two Cuban kickers are missing.

Just as an AWOL group of young Haitian soccer players was rounded up, the Cuban senior national soccer team announced that two players from its junior national squad may have defected before a game in Houston.

Forward Lester More, one of Cuba's leading scorers, disappeared during the team's previous stop at Giants Stadium, team officials said. Midfielder Osvaldo Alonso did not return from a group shopping trip in Houston.

"The ones that are not here are not here because they choose not to be," Cuban coach Raul Gonzalez said after his team lost to Honduras, 5-0, Wednesday night. "They went for the gold. I hope they don't end up with thorns."

The coach declined to say whether the two had defected. "I'm a football man, not a politician," he said.

My thoughts -

I'm all for illegal immigration if they're coming over to help my team out. Of course, if your a Cuban, as long as you can get into American waters, you are a citizen, so welcome to the USA!

Otherwise, I'm against the whole illegal immigration thing... So yes, I'm a hypocrite.

Sue yo. ¡Mis equipos de los deportes vienen primero!

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