Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tension a Plenty at the Open [J. Mark English]

Sitting at a bar, having a Father's day meal with my Dad, with the closing moments of the U.S. Open on, made for a perfect evening. Normally I don't make the effort to watch golf. Its a bias that I have about some sports, especially one on one sports. I'd rather see the highlights.

I do not regret however watching the U.S. Open tonight. It was a pleasure to just be allowed to see the closing moments. Even my Dad, who is not the biggest of sport fans, was really into the whole event.

And really, could you have asked for a better ending to the Open? You had a relatively unknown golfer, from Argentina, in the lead with just a stroke advantage over the great Tiger Woods.

Going into the 18th hole, Tiger needed a birdie to force a playoff. He set himself up for about a 25 foot put, that if it went in, would have completed the birdie he needed. All of those seated at the bar were frozen; transfixed on the television set. Some people that were seated, got up to see if Tiger could force a playoff.

Tiger just barely missed the shot, and did not capture his 13th major. The thrill of the moment though was well worth it. You could feel the tension that must have been flowing through his body, as well as Cabrera, in the bar.

I'm glad I took the time to watch. Perhaps it will help me conquer my bias. Towards golf at least, anyways. I'm looking forward to the British Open.

Read more about the Open from the United States Golf Association web page.

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