Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gilbert Arenas Says, "Show Me The Money!" [David Stefanini]

It looks like the Washington Wizards are going to have to dig deep, very deep into their pockets to keep All-Star Gilbert Arenas on there team. The only player in the NBA to score 60 points this season, says he will opt out of his contract after next season.

Arenas first told the Washington Post he has no intentions of leaving of the Wizards. However, he later told the Washington Times, ""I'm going to opt out and consider some other teams next year...I want to test the market and test my value."

Personally, that does not sound like someone who wants to stay in Washington. That sounds like an All-Star that knows he is far bigger than the Wizards and wants to play in a big market like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

Arenas is an amazing player and would be a great addition to any team. I heard a rumor that Arenas wouldn't ask for a maximum contract to help the Wizards out. Then why opt out to begin with? Clearly he will demand the maximum.

The Washington Wizards will more than likely pay Arenas anything he wants, but the question is does Arenas want to stay there? I doubt very much the answer is yes. I would expect Arenas to be playing for a different team at the end of next season.

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