Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Inside the Standings of Baseball [Michael Vinciguerra]

After reviewing the MLB standings to this point, some wacky (and not so wacky) turn of events may unfold.

NL East: My favorite division because its where I can find my Braves. As bad as the Mets and Braves are both doing, the Braves have maintained pace with the Mets and are only a mere 2 games behind them. With the Mets outfielders injured, the Mets should continue to struggle, making it possible for the Braves to recapture first place. I always forget the names of the other three teams in that division, but for the sake of honorable mention, the Phillies have become hot as of late.

NL Central: The Brewers surprised many, including myself, this year. Now that they are in the driver's seat with a comfortable lead in the Central, I expect them to win that division without worries. The only team I could see making the race interesting is the Cubs, but they need to at least get to .500.

NL West: Perhaps the hardest division to select a clear-cut winner, the NL West is completely up for grabs. When one team becomes cold, the others pick up the pace. Right now, the Padres and D'Backs are tied for first with the Dodgers a game behind. In the end, the speed and power of the Dodgers' lineup along with their pitching will help them win that division.

AL West: At first the Angels once again looked to be the favorite. But wait, if Seattle keeps their winning surge up, this will be interesting. In addition, the A's have a winning streak going as well to keep up with Seattle.

AL Central: Last year I predicted the Tigers to rise from the bottom and win the World Series from the start of the season. Though they didn't win, they sure as hell did better than anyone would have thought. Now, for this year, I predicted at the beginning of the Season the Indians will win the World Series. They have impressed me thus far and I still have them selected as the winner of the World Series this year.

AL East: Big deal. So what if the Yanks won 6 in a row, acquired Clemens, and are 8-2 in their last 10 games while Boston is 4-6. Talk to me when the Yanks are within 3 games of Boston. The Yanks may have a surge now, but it won't last much longer. Meanwhile, Boston will start winning again soon. The Yanks also have to worry about Toronto nipping at their heels.

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