Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Humor: Michael Vick Chew Toy [J. Mark English]

A healthy dose of sarcasm is highly recommended throughout this summer with all of the athletic bad boys hitting the news. I particularly found this bit from to be hilarious:

Minnesota's minor league baseball team, the Saint Paul Saints, will be giving away 2,500 Michael Vick dog chew toys as an expression of their distaste for the Falcons quarterback's lurid affair with dog-fighting, which we covered in a previous article. The toy, which is a rubberized version of Mike sporting his Falcons' uniform, gives your pet a taste of sweet revenge as they tear the quarterback limb from limb. We recommend buying one for yourself as well; that way, if you get the urge to gnaw on Mike Vick's head, it won't taste like dog slobber.

Another minor league baseball team, the Long Beach Armada, plans to hold a Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day. Fans who bring in a Michael Vick jersey or other memorabilia to burn on a bonfire will receive free admission and a donation to a local animal rights organization.

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