Monday, October 08, 2007

Yankees Lose! Daaaaaaa--Yankees Lose! [Addison Quale]

As of this morning, the Yankees were very much alive. No longer. Joe Borowski, in a very Borowski-esque performance (he gave up an Abreu homer), just got the third out of the 9th inning in the Bronx and the Indians have beaten the Yankees 6-4 behind a strong pitching performance from (who else?) Paul Byrd. And so I say with great cheer to my Red Sox friends with my John Sterling impersonation, "Yankees Lose Daaaaaaaaaa-Yankees Lose!" (Columbus Day weekend is fast becoming my favorite one since the Yankees keep getting eliminated then each year.) It's been a great season for the Yankees--if you were any sort of normal baseball fan. Scoring over 900 runs. Scorching back into contention in the second-half to make the playoffs and vie for the AL East as well. MVP caliber season from A-Rod. Drama with Roger Clemens. For any sort of normal baseball fan, this would be a year to be proud of. Not the Yankees though. This will go down as a disgrace--simply because they didn't win it all. I understand the mentality. I just think it's a bit much. There is more to life than winning the WS. And those are unreachable standards to expect year in year out. I don't know if Torre will actually get the axe. He's one heckuva manager who's had to deal with a whole lot of egos and stars with Steinbrenner breathing down his back the whole time. It may have been his last hurrah. And Clemens? Perhaps it will have been his last hurrah as well. Perhaps his latest attempt to pitch well into his 40s didn't bring him the glory he thought it would as he wasn't as sharp as the past two years and got pummeled in the postseason. It might even be the last night in a Yankee uniform for Rivera and Posada if that's at all conceivable. I don't think it is though. I think they'll be back.

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