Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dwyane Wade Injuried [David Stefanini]

Dwyane Wade was injured last night during the Heat's game against the Rockets. It was in the 4th quarter when Wade went for a rebound and instead of finding the ball, found Shane Battier's arm. Wade went crashing into Battier and in the process separated his shoulder. Wade was in so much pain, not only was he crying on the bench, but he had to be taken off the court in a wheelchair.
This is a horrible thing to see in the NBA. This season has been filled with top named players being injured, we did not need to see another star go down.
It is unclear right now how long Wade will be out. If the injury is as serious as it seems to be, Wade could miss the entire season. The Heat are going to be cautious with bringing back there All-Star. It is highly highly unlikely Wade will be back within this month, and is more than likely going to miss a good amount of time into next month. The Heat are hopeful he can return before the playoffs begin, but as stated earlier, if Wade is not ready they will not bring him back into the lineup.
Wade will be evaluted sometime before 3pm (the trading deadling) to make it more clear as to how much time he will miss.

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