Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Garden Party? [J. Mark English]

I may be jinxing the Knicks, because there are only two minutes left but the Knicks are having fun beating the Clippers tonight. Not only are the Knicks winning, but the fans are having fun! They just started a spirited wave. The crowd was actually doing a baseball stadium quality wave, as if it was July at Shea.
Normally, David and myself would be looking for the remote to change the channel; however we are realizing the Knicks are becoming a fun team to watch. Whether it be the Starbury's, Curry actually scoring, Richardson with the sweet touch, Crawford passing (really), or just the overall team, this is truly a fun bunch.

With the NBA Eastern division in a state affairs that resembles Eastern Europe after World War II, the Knicks have a chance to actually make some noise with just about a half a season left to play. With their 22nd win of the season (its official now), they are one shy of the amount of wins they had last year. Could Isiah be making a case to keep his job? If the current trends continue, perhaps he will be still a Knick coach next year.

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