Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kevin Harvick Wins Daytona 300 [David Stefanini]

Kevin Harvick won the first race of the Busch Series this season. It is no shock he won the race because he ran away with the 2006 NASCAR Busch Series title.

It is not right what is happening in the Busch Series. You have NASCAR regulars, guys who not only race on the Nextel Circuit but also are winners. Kevin Harvick is a serious contender for the Nextel Cup title this season, why is he allowed to run in the Busch races. It is supposed to be like the minor leagues in baseball or the NBDL for the NBA. You do not see LeBron James going to the NBDL and dominating that league do you? You do not see Johan Santana going down to the minors and making everyone he goes up against look pitiful do you? Why is NASCAR allowing this to happen?

If they are going to let this happen they should just let the NASCAR regulars race twice a week and count it to the points two times a week.

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