Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pacers Brawl II [David Stefanini]


An Indianapolis bar manager has accused two Pacers players of assaulting him early Tuesday morning, according to a police report. However, the three players mentioned in the report denied any involvement when asked by The Indianapolis Star.

Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels are accused of attacking the man at 2:15 Tuesday morning. Keith McLeod, another Pacers player, was also at the bar, as was his cousin, Jeremy King.

No one was immediately arrested or charged. Indianapolis police Lt. Doug Scheffel said Wednesday it would take several days to complete the investigation to determine if charges would be filed.

According to the police report, a fight broke out at the 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis when bar employees confronted a person who was trying to steal patrons' coats. The fight spilled over to the area of the bar where the Pacers players were sitting.

"[The bar manager] stated that Mr. Tinsley, with a closed fist, struck him on the left side of the head, knocking him to his knees. He stated Mr. Daniels and Mr. King also began to use closed fists, striking him in the face," the police report states.

The manager "stated that he was unable to defend himself, at which time both witnesses ... stated that they felt that the life of the victim was in danger," according to the report.

The police report said the bar manager might have a fractured jaw and severed earlobe. He told officers that Tinsley had threatened to kill him, the report said. Witnesses told officers that McLeod had shoved people during the scuffle.

However, the three Pacers players came to their own defense Wednesday, telling The Star they were not involved.

"I'm upset that I could be involved in something like this. I had nothing to do with it," Tinsley told the newspaper.

Comments -

If this is true this is a horrible incident for the Indian Pacer organization. This franchise is becoming the Cincinnati Bengals of the NBA. The organization has to sit their players down and stress the importance of them to stay out of trouble. They should not be in a bar at 2:15 in the morning to begin with; during the basketball season. What they do during the off-season is on them, however during the months of the NBA season they should not be out that late in a situation where a fight can break out. The Pacers have to set a strict set of rules, which are to be followed without exception.

Hopefully all three of the players who have denied the attacks are correct, and this will be over in a matter of a few days. However if it is not, this organization has to right the wrongs and they must do it soon or their fans are going to turn on them because of their actions.

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