Friday, February 09, 2007

Some Post Super Bowl Thoughts [EdMcGon]

Now that the "big game" is over, time for a few ruminations on it:

MVP: If I could hand out an MVP award, I would give it to the Colts secondary. Maybe a co-MVP between Kelvin Hayden and Bob Sanders? If I have to choose only one player, then I give it to Bob Sanders, since he added a forced fumble to his interception.

If I had to choose an offensive MVP, I would take Dominic Rhodes, who had as many touchdowns as Peyton Manning (one), but no fumbles or interceptions (Manning had one of each). Add in 113 rushing yards, and Rhodes walks away with it.

REX GROSSMAN: Everyone's goat, for good reason. If the Bears start next season with Grossman under center, they are fools.

BEST COMMERCIAL: I liked the Doritos "Live the flavor" ad in the first quarter (link here).

HALL OF FAME SELECTIONS: How does Michael Irvin get in before Art Monk? They both played in three Super Bowls, but Monk did it with three different quarterbacks. Monk's career stats were better than Irvin's:
Art Monk: 940 catches, 12,721 yards, 68 touchdowns
Michael Irvin: 750 catches, 11,904 yards, 65 touchdowns

Just because Irvin toots his own horn louder doesn't mean he deserves it more.

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