Friday, March 23, 2007

Kobe Explodes Once Again [David Stefanini]

Last time I wrote a post about Kobe going on a scoring spree I started it with this:

"It seems like the last time Kobe played I was writing on how he single-handily won the game with a 65 point out-burst. Oh wait, I did do that last time he played."

It now seems as if every time he goes on the court records are falling, 50+ points are being thrown up, and games are being single handily won.

The Lakers are now on a three game winning steak, but it does not feel right saying the Lakers are on that streak. The Lakers have not played great basketball over these three games, but they are winning because they have the best player in the world. Kobe literally has won three games by himself. There is nothing left for me to say other than I will continue to let everyone know when Kobe drops 50+. Which now-a-days is every time he steps on the court.

Here is one stat I would like to share about Kobe's three game span:

In the last 40 years of NBA basketball this is the greatest three-game scoring spree. He has scored 175 points in three games that is an average, let me re-peat that, an AVERAGE of 58.3ppg. His 175 is the highest over a three game span in the past 40 years; and I will let you venture a guess as to who is second on that list......time's up, if you answered Kobe you are correct.

If you consider how Kobe has done over the past two seasons, and the competition he is facing one could make the argument, these are the best two seasons any player has ever put together, scoring wise. Remember last year when he went for 62 points (in 3 quarters) and we all thought we could not see a performance like that again? One month later Kobe hit for 81. We then asked ourselves well what could be better than an 81 point outburst? Kobe tried to answer that, one year later by throwing up 2 60 point games in 3 games and a 50 point game in between; giving him the highest score over a three-game stretch. The question now becomes how can Kobe top this? Personally I am scared to ask that question because who says he is done dropping 50 on this current stretch?

If Kobe continues to score at this rate, or at his season average of 30.5ppg he will become the greatest scorer in NBA history. He will better the mark of Kareem who stands at 38,000+.

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