Thursday, April 05, 2007

My personal sign of the Apocalypse [Chrissy]

About one year ago I had a personal experience that pretty much seemed like the apocalypse, or at least what hell must be like. I was in North Jersey, East Rutherford to be exact. No, East Rutherford doesn't remind me of hell. But yes, I was at the Meadowlands. I have been there a few times since, and a few times prior, but this visit was different than the others.

Devils were playing the Flyers and the two teams were close in the upper portion of the standings. It was near the end of the season, with both teams making the playoffs but still wanting to win to gain more points and keep the rivalry going.

I wore my Flyers jersey, and expected to be heckled. I really wasn't heckled too bad though. Some comments about "turnpike south" were pretty much it. I see what happens to other teams' fans when they come to Philly and some comments are nothing compared to having beer thrown at you, or even being beaten up in the stands. Lincoln Financial Field has a jail cell in it for a reason.

But I digress.

So there I was in the 2nd level with my Flyers jersey on, sitting next to my 4 Devils jersey wearing friends. When the Devils scored, they stood and cheered. When the Flyers scored, I stood and cheered. It was toward the end of this game when my realization came though.

There I was in a packed arena (it was packed for a Devils game, that's for sure) and the Flyers were losing. The Devils were beating the Flyers. But it wasn't even that. Hundreds of thousands of people were standing on their feet, clad in red jerseys with a Devils logo on it, cheering on the Devils, on EASTER SUNDAY!

I thought, if the world were to end today, Easter Sunday, I would be in swampland, surrounded by people actually cheering for the Dark Lord. There was even the mascot jumping around. I could only imagine what Jesus must have been thinking.

Thankfully I made it out, the Flyers however lost the game, and yes we took the Turnpike South.

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