Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Portland Wins the Durant/Oden Sweepstakes [David Stefanini]

Here are the first 14 picks of the upcoming NBA Draft:

1. Portland
2. Seattle
3. Atlanta
4. Memphis
5. Boston
6. Milwaukee
7. Minnesota
8. Charlotte
9. New York (To Chicago)
10. Sacramento
11. Indiana (To Atlanta)
12. Philadelphia
13. New Orleans
14. LA Clippers

So Portland is the big winner. This draft has two of the most talented players to ever come out of college. The Trail Blazers get to choose which one of them they want. However the real winner for me is the Seattle Sonics. They already have the purest shooting guard in the league, Ray Allen, an up and coming Power Forward in, Chris Wilcox, and owners who are looking to get out off Seattle. What better selling point is there than "come watch rookie sensation (Fill in the blank) play in his first season." The Sonics don't even have to chose, they can just pick the one who is left over, it is a win-win situation.

The other winner on this night; the Chicago Bulls. Thanks to the great managing of Isiah Thomas, the Chicago Bulls get, UNCONDITIONALLY, the New York Knicks draft pick. They already have a team that is among the top three teams in the Eastern Conference and now they can add a top 10 draft pick to their arsenal. I would watch out for the Chicago Bulls next year. I wonder how Isiah Thomas has not won GM of the year. He has put the Raptors and Bulls in perfect position to dominate the Eastern Conference in the years to come.

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