Thursday, May 03, 2007

Warriors may Have already Lost *Update* [David Stefanini]

The game and this series may be over.

Baron Davis had to leave the game with an apparent hamstring injury. Watching the game, the commentators are saying it looks to be a hamstring injury that will most likely keep Davis out for at least the end of the first half.

The energy that was beaming from the crowd is no longer there. The Warriors faithful have seen their only chance to win this series hobble off the court with an injury. The only thing I can hope for is that I misunderstood what the commentators said, or that they are just wrong. Hopefully Davis can come back out and play at 100% and lead his team the way he has.

This is such an unfortunate post that I have to write. I was very excited to watch this game tonight and I was expecting fireworks from both teams. I wanted to see both teams at 100% giving everything they had. Now I may have to watch the Dallas Mavericks roll right over the Warriors, because they are missing their star player.

If Davis is injured, the Mavericks become the clear favorites, however I would not put it past the Warriors to win this game. If they can get their three-point shots going down the crowd will respond and give them the strength they need to overcome the Mavs.

*Baron Davis Update*

New reports are: Baron Davis has a mild strain of the right hamstring. Right now Baron Davis is reporting into the game. He is going to give it a go and see how long he can go. The crowd is on their feet screaming and clapping, applauding the effort that Davis is going to try and give them.

Davis is on the court, but he looks horrible. He has no lift on his shot, told Jason Richardson to bring up the ball, and can not play any defense on Jason Terry. This has disaster written all over it for the Golden State Warriors.

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