Monday, June 04, 2007

Donovan Performs Disappearing Trick on Magic [Michael Vinciguerra]

Billy Donovan, who coached the Florida Gators to 2 straight national titles; notified the Orlando Magic he would fill their coaching void. Now, Donovan is having second thoughts about this coaching position. Over the weekend, Donovan informed the University of Florida and Orlando Magic he began having second thoughts about this position. Donovan wants to return to his original head coaching position with the Florida Gators, but only if it was that easy.

Donovan signed a 5 year $27.5 million contract, in which he admitted to being emotionally conflicted as he signed the deal. However, the contract he signed is the source of the conflict and the decision of where to proceed from here is to be ultimately decided by the Orlando Magic.

If the Magic decide to allow Donovan to escape the deal, they have to decide whether to enforce a financial penalty. However, the Magic are still trying to convince Donovan to follow through with the contract he committed himself to. Meanwhile, Florida's search for a new head coach is on hold until this mess is cleaned up.

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