Monday, June 04, 2007

Props to A-Rod [Addison Quale]

For all the A-Rod bashing I do, I want to stay objective. He really pulled it off last night. Top of the ninth, game tied 5-5 in the rubber match in the series. A-Rod was down 0-2 in the count facing perhaps the Sox' most menacing player: Jonathan Papelbon. I wasn't watching the game on TV but following via ESPN Gamecast. And I could just feel it that moment: "Paps is going to try to stick it to A-Rod and burn another fastball right by him. It could be a beautiful finish-- or it could be one of those monster homeruns, like the one Bonds hit off Percival in the '02 Series when he tried to get a fastball by him." Well, we all know what happened. And today's Boston Globe Red Sox section is plastered with articles who note that despite all his problems, A-Rod is still one heckuva a ballplayer. Sox-Yanks. Whatever. Baseball is awesome.

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