Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A-Rod to the Mets? [J. Mark English]

Craig Carton on WFAN just came up with a half-baked idea which actually doesn't sound too bad from the Met fan perspective.

The New York Mets should offer to Scott Boras (A-Rod's agent) at least $350 million over the next ten years, and be willing to go up to possibly $400 million.

If Boras excepts the deal, the Mets now have A-Rod, then the Mets can turn around and trade Jose Reyes and whoever else for Johan Santana.

Then the Mets would have the best pitcher and hitter in the game.

As Carton said, in reference to A-Rod, if you could have Michael Jordan in his prime, would you not go out and spend whatever it takes to get him?

If your the Metropolitans you have to at least give this idea a try...