Sunday, December 17, 2006

Comment: Knicks are a Disgrace [David Stefanini]

The New York Knicks are a disgrace to sports; that's all there is to say. It pains me to say I am a Knicks fan today. I can still root for a team that is young and trying to win some ball games. I can not root for a bunch of cry-babies who decide to try to kill their opponents because their opponents are much better than they are.

After the initial flagrant foul, which should draw a huge suspension, its Carmelo Anthony's turn to act like an embarrassment. This is the NBA's leading scorer and a sure pick for the All-Star game. What does he do, he decides to turn into Roy Jones Jr. and take a swing at Collins, who started this whole thing with the hard foul.

Now, little, "wanna-be tough guy" Nate Robinson takes matters into his own hands and tries to act tough in front of any Nugget player he can find. Then there is Jared Jefferies who has done nothing for the Knicks all year and he wants to act like a wild animal going after Carmelo, why; he wanted to back up his teammates.

The NBA should suspend Carmelo, Nate, and Jared at least 20 games. All players involved should get some kind of punishment, but the NBA should make an example out of these three. They did it with Ron Artest, now these three "adults" (though they act like children), should be heavily punished.

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