Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: Half Time [J. Mark English]

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8:20 pm - Mark here again...that was a terrible performance. When did Prince become a cover band?

8:15 pm - Once again back to the game; the Bears need to find a way to get Hester the football. He is obviously the most explosive player on the field. Maybe they should run a WR screen for him.

8:12 pm - Thanks Mark. With all the bashing of Prince that we are doing on this blog, I do have to say it isn't a really bad half-time show. There have been ones that are much better, but there have been worse...

8:09 pm - Sorry to interrupt David, but its Mark again - just one quick thought. If Little Richard and Michael Jackson had a kid it would be Prince. He looks freakish, like a woman! Okay back to you David...

8:08 pm - Back to analysing the game, the Colts are primed to take over in the second half. Peyton Manning looks like he figured out this defense and he should be able to pick them apart in the second half.

8:06 pm - I really do not want to watch Prince perform this halftime show. Can we please go back to Janet Jackson and controversy, life is so much better that way.

8:02 pm - At the half I feel this is a game of who doesn't want to win. It's the Colts turning the ball over, then the Bears saying no-no we don't want it.

8:00 pm - I'm going to leave the half time blogging to David.