Saturday, February 17, 2007

Michael Jordan Turns 44 [David Stefanini]

Tonight is a special night for the NBA's all-time greatest player. His royal airness is going to be a judge at the Slam Dunk Contest alongside Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Dr. J, and Dominique Wilkins. As a side note it is sad that more than likely than any of these 5 guys could win the Dunk Contest, but back to the story. Not only is Jordan going to be judging the contest it is also his 44th birthday today.
In his brilliant career the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) had more memories than I can remember. But here is a list of some of them to commemorate his birthday.
Jordan Memories:
1992 NBA Finals Game 1- Remember this game? Jordan had 36 points in the first half including 6 three-pointers. During the broadcast the announcers were saying things like, "Jordan with his magic carpet threw it down, he's everywhere, he's everywhere." "This is the greatest performance, playoff or in the history of this league."
1986 First Round Game Three- The greatest scoring performance in NBA playoff history. Jordan leads his Bulls into Boston Garden against Larry Bird and puts on one of his best performances. Jordan scores 63 points and announces to the world he belongs to be among the greatest of all time. And by the way, this was only his second year in the league.
1997 NBA Finals Game 5- This game is known as the Flu Game. Jordan could barely stand on his own power and leads his team to victory; including the game sealing three pointer with under a minute left. Words can not explain what a truly amazing performance it was.
1998 NBA Finals Game 6- With the Bulls down by 3 points and less than a minute to go on the clock, Jordan decided he wants to win. Jordan gets the inbound pass, drives right to basket and lays it up (foul not called on the play but should have). The Bulls are now down by one point and are in need of a defensive stop so what does Jordan do? Jordan leaves his defender and strips the ball from NBA great Karl Malone. Jordan brings the ball up, not once even looking at his teammates; Jordan knows he is going to take the shot and walk out with his sixth ring. Jordan dribbles up court, gives Bryon Russell a little push on the butt, gets open, and hits the Finals clinching jump-shot.

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