Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wade Phillips to Coach the Cowboys [J. Mark English]

This is like a twilight zone story:

Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells ... Cowboys fans have been waiting for the next big name to lead a storied franchise. They might be surprised by the answer.

League and Cowboys sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will be named Dallas' head coach. Phillips traveled from San Diego to Dallas on Wednesday night after being told that he was their choice to replace the now-retired Parcells.

-From ESPN

Comments -

Seriously was no else available? Out of the ten coaches they interviewed, this is the best they could do? He had pretty poor head coaching stunt with Denver, and was mediocre at best in Buffalo, and now he's gonna take the Cowboys to the promise land?

The quality of head coaching in the NFC East has dropped tremendously over the past few years. Once a daunting cast of characters, looks like a punch line to a joke. Joe Gibbs should start making plans to return to NASCAR. Andy Reid has raised a “Tank Johnson” of his own as a son. Tom Coughlin will need to be committed if Bob Whitfield makes one more pathetic headbutt. And now we can throw Wade Phillips into the fun bunch. Amazingly three of these four teams made it to the playoffs last year! Go figure.

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