Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bucs Aquire Garcia and Plummer [David Stefanini]

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have acquires QB's Jeff Garcia and Jake "the snake" Plummer.

I find this decision to be rather strange. Why go out and give Jeff Garcia five million dollars a year then trade for Jake Plummer. Plummer yesterday said he would probably retire, so why would the Bucs go after him? The Bucs now have three potential starting QB's: Chris Simms, Jeff Garcia, and Jake Plummer. I love the fact the Bucs went out and go Garcia; I just do not understand why they went out and traded anything for a player who will probably not show up to camp. If he retires and the Bucs get back their draft pick, it is a wasted move on their part.

After what Simms went through last season I feel it would be a mistake to let him come in and take control of the offense this quick. Letting Garcia be the starter this year gives you (as he showed last year) a very mobile quarterback who can go out and win you a few games. Look for Garcia to have a good year this for the Buccaneers.

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