Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jake Plummer Offically Retires [David Stefanini]

On Friday former Broncos quarterback, Jake Plummer, made his retirement official. There has been speculation for the past week or so about his pending retirement, but all those questions were answered on Friday. Actually those were the only questions answered on Friday.

After he announced his retirement Plummer got up and walked out of the conference without answering any questions. I guess that is typical of his career. When he was traded to the Broncos he was supposed to take them to the Super Bowl and be this amazing quarterback who never had a chance playing on the Arizona Cardinals. However we all the story from there; the Broncos never got to the Super Bowl and throughout his stay there he was always being criticized by someone in the media.

It is a sad story when you think about it because Jake 'the snake' was a good quarterback in his day. He never had a team around him in Arizona to give him the support he needed and when he got to Denver he let the pressure get to him. That is what separates the great quarterbacks from the ones we forget. Plummer will be forgotten in 5 years, but quarterbacks like Brady who live up to the hype in the clutch, will never be forgotten.

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