Sunday, April 08, 2007

Commenting on Comments [Chrissy]

Once I started posting on this blog, I began to think....are people really reading this? I mean besides Mark and the other people that contribute to it, are there other people out there actually reading what I type? To see that people read and actually comment is kind of flattering - not only do they read my post but, wow, they take the time to even comment!

Also when I started posting on here I thought it would be the other people contributing to this blog that would be the ones to give me a hard time, making comments here and there in their posts. But that really hasn't happened yet, or at least if they did I missed it.

I think my favorite comment is the one that someone wrote about the Phanatic being the best mascot in baseball. That made me laugh out loud. I still don't know what the heck he is supposed to be. Some combination of a monster, Gonzo and a bird maybe.

There was another comment more recent about my last posting about people cheering on the devil on Easter Sunday. I intended this post to be something funny. Corny, but funny. I was thinking about putting a disclaimer but decided not to because I figured that people would see it as a joke, maybe give it a little chuckle and then move on. But, here you go.


I, Chrissy, who post on American Legends, realize that the New Jersey Devils are not Satan.

The New Jersey Devils are not the Dark Lord either, as I referred to them in my previous post.

The New Jersey Devils are a hockey team and although I do not like them, does not mean that they are evil.

I know that Devils fans are not devil worshipers nor support the Dark Arts.

I know that the legend of the New Jersey Devil is not a biblical story. I do, in fact, know the story and about the Leeds, Pine Barrens, etc. Why do I know so much about the Devils? That's a topic for a future post.


That being said, I did make a mistake in my proofreading. I know that the Continental Airlines Arena holds about 20,000 people. I made a mistake when I said hundreds of thousands. My bad.

It is interesting to hear the perspective from a different city's fan. I look forward to seeing what people have to say about what I post, so keep them coming. There were some comments on my posting about fighting in hockey which would spark some good conversations.

I guess Philly being voted "Most Intimidating Fans" by NHL players around the league is true. And it's something that we are proud of, and don't consider it a shame.

And I'll fess up to my Devils knowledge sometime soon. Happy Easter.