Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mavericks Won't Make 70 Wins [David Stefanini]

Oh how sweet it is. I am glad to announce the Dallas Mavericks lost last night to the Denver Nuggets, giving them a record of 62-13. That means even if they win the remaining 7 games on their schedule they can not make it to 70 wins on the season. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls will unquestionably keep their title as the best regular season record of all time.

This is great news because there was talk about the Mavericks possibly being even better than that Chicago Bulls team, what a joke. The Mavericks are a great team and are easily the favorites to win the NBA Championship this year. However, do not mention them in the same breathe as ANY of the 90's Chicago Bulls (with Jordan on the team).

The Mavericks are not to worried about losing their shot at hitting the 70 win mark. They are only worried about what matters; winning a championship.

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