Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bottom of the 9th, Bases Loaded, It's Game 9 of the World Series... [David Stefanini]

That is the dream scenario every kid grows up with correct? Only growing up it was Game 7 of the World Series, not Game 9.

If Scott Boras, one of the biggest agents in sports, gets his way that is exactly what could happen. In a letter addressed to Bud Selig, Boras outlined a policy which would make the World Series a Best-of-9 affair. The first two games would be played on a neutral field, then the Series would follow the normal 2-3-2 format. Boras claims his plan can produce the type of buzz that surrounds the Super Bowl (yeah right).

To go over some of the key points in this idea, here is part of an article from Yahoo Sports:

He would open the weekend on a Friday night with a televised gala announcing the MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year awards, and have the five top candidates for each in attendance.

Hall of Fame voting would be announced Saturday, with the opener that night and Game 2 on Sunday night. After that, the Series would pick up the 2-3-2 format that's been used since 1925 (except for 1943 and 1945, when there were wartime travel restrictions). If the scheduled host club for the opener won the pennant, the Series could become a 3-4-2.

Cities would bid far in advance for the right to host the first two games, and baseball would solicit corporate money, trying to create an event similar to the Super Bowl, Final Four and BCS Championship. Figure on hotels with flowing hospitality suites, ballparks surrounded by champagne-and-caviar-filled tents and tarmacs cluttered with private jets.

"Create this buzz around it the same way they do the Super Bowl," Arizona outfielder Eric Byrnes said. "I think is a very innovative idea."

What do I think about this? I agree with Eric Byrnes (mainly because he has carried my fantasy team) that its an innovative idea. It isn't something wee should automatically throw out, it is something worth looking at. It is something different and could help a league with the steroid cloud over its head.

If people hate it they will talk about that and not steroids, why not consider the idea?

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