Friday, June 29, 2007

Lo Duca and his Snafu [J. Mark English]

Matt Cerrone from Mets Blog offers up the latest on the Mets catcher, Paul Lo Duca, and his slip of the tongue:

Mets C Paul Lo Duca, during last night’s rain out, as quoted in the Bergen Record by Steve Popper, who gives a blow-by-blow of the event in great detail…

“Listen up everybody. Stop asking me when I'm going to drop my suspension. When are you guys going to drop it? I'm tired of being asked about it. Go ask Tony (Bernazard). God almighty, it's like the president got killed…

“You need to start talking to other people. It's the same three or four people everyday. Nobody else wants to talk. Some of these guys have got to start talking. They speak English, believe me.”

yikes…the thing is, he’s a victim of his own brilliance…fact is, he’s a great quote, as evident by this post…actually, lo duca even admitted to this, calmly, when talking to wfan a few weeks ago

On June 15’s game on SNY, Keith Hernandez singled out Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, stating that the two players should be more vocal in the clubhouse and with the media.

…i will say this, to lo duca’s credit, i comb through the post-game quotes every night, for hours, as you know, and lo duca and wright make up more than half of them every day…the thing is, like he notes in the wfan comments, the beltran and delgado quotes are often boring and offer zero insight…occasionally, delgado gets lively, usually when directing remarks at himself, but it’s always cliche after cliche from beltran, and often i listen and just discard it all because you guys will get nothing from it…meanwhile, lo duca will be talking about movement on pitches, how he called the game, etc, and wright is talking about pitch selection, going in for the kill, and so on…lo duca and wright are simply far more interesting…

…now, i’m not in the locker room, but if any player, for whatever reason, is avoiding the media and dumping the responsibility upon another player, well, that is weak…the the thing, by lo duca’s own admission on wfan, nobody is skirting the media…yet, he makes that claim last night…so, the question is, which is the truth – last night’s comments, or last week’s comments…fact is, lo duca informed reporters before last night’s rant that he had been in a bad mood all day, so, my guess is that he was overly emotional and shooting his mouth off, and while there may be a hint of natural truth to what he is saying about spanish-speaking players not talking to reporters, i suspect it is not as bad as last night’s remarks came across

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