Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lewis Hamilton Wins Canadian Grand Prix [David Stefanini]

Are you asking yourself, why is David writing about F1 racing? It is a very good question, normally I do not write about F1 racing. However something happened today that made it worth writing about.

Lewis Hamilton became the first black driver to ever win a F1 race.

Racing has been a sport where minorities are never seen. In NASCAR there is not one regular black driver. Hopefully this win will give more minorities the confidence and willingness to go out and participate in racing.

I did not know this but Hamilton has been driving extremely well for several races now. He has several consecutive top-three finishes and finally broke through with his first win today. Hopefully, he can continue to do well and win a couple more races.

I would love for an American to become popular in F1 racing so they will televise it. I think F1 is a great sport but doesn't get enough air time.

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