Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Sopranos Prediciton... [J. Mark English]

...from an Irish mafia wanna be. Forgive me, but sports takes a second place to the greatest mafia soap opera ever aired on television.

Heres what I think will happen. We last left Tony Soprano in a hide away house, alone in a non sheeted bed with only his gun left to protect him.

I believe that Meadow is going to be killed in tonights finale. Her boyfriend has been referenced many times, but we never see him. From what we know he's connected, and from the New York end of the mob. Somehow I think he figures into her dying.

Either this sets Tony on a rampage where he kills every New Yorker. Or he enters witness protection. Anyway, thats what I think will happen.

I will be in a melancholy mood when the show ends. I talked to a good friend earlier and we both agree that with the end of the Sopranos its like having your favorite NFL team being knocked out in the playoffs. Everything just seems a bit darker afterwards. TV isn't the same anymore for awhile.

How many people will cancel their HBO subscriptions after tonight?

Well enjoy the show folks. We'll see how my predictions faired.

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