Monday, August 06, 2007

Braves Vs Mets [Michael Vinciguerra]

As mentioned in a previous blog, I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan. Therefore, I would like to dedicate this blog to proving the current excellence behind the Braves....and comparing them to the Mets who have now become a contender due to an excellent farm system and trades. I will compare offensive according to position and then the pitching lineups and relievers.

C : Lo Duca Vs McCann : McCann is much more of a power threat than Lo Duca, who has a better overall average. But I'd take McCann for his better throwing arm and to fit nicely in a lineup of power hhitters. After all, there aren't many catchers around who can hit for power. McCann is one of the few exceptions.

SS: Reyes Vs. Escobar: Escobar is very good as a hitter and defensiveman for that position. Reyes is the best SS in the game. No other guy is as fast and aggressive and can hit for contact and power. No contest there.

1B: Delgado Vs. Teixeira : Delgado got off to a terrible start and hasn't impressed me thus far. Meanwhile, the moment Teixeira became a Brave he started blasting homers left and right. No contest there.

2B: Castillo Vs. Johnson : Kelly Johnson is an excellent upcoming star who always seems to come through in the clutch from what I've seen. I can not say the same for Castillo.

3B: Wright Vs. C. Jones : As much as I love Chipper, who has had one hell of a career, I would have to give it to Wright who can belt homers out in the blink of an eye.

LF: Alou Vs Diaz : I like players who are young and fresh. Old players are fun to watch simply because of their name, but their are very few who are actually good anymore. Clemens is a good example of a player who attracts many fans to watch the Yankees simply because he is Clemens, but he is doing very poorly (ok, he also hasn't gotten run support). Anyway, Alou is old and washed up while Diaz is fresh talent. I like Diaz better.

CF: Milledge Vs. A. Jones : Ok, Milledge is good, I'll admit. Andruw swings at everything, strikes out, and is doing terrible this year......But hands down I'd still take Andruw, who is the top power threat of the Braves.

RF: Green Vs. Francoeur : I loved Green when he was on the Dodgers. Ever since he went to the Mets he has been on the decline. Meanwhile, Francoeur has risen ever since he began playing for the Braves and has become another amazing power threat.

Starting Pitching :
Braves: Smoltz and Hudson are great, but that's really it. James and Carlyle are just decent and you can never be sure of a win with them.

Mets: Glavine is great. Perez and Maine are surprisingly amazing. Overall the Mets have better starting pitching.

Since last year, no matter who the Braves get to relieve and close, I never felt like any lead was secure enough. The Mets are more solid with their relievers and Wagner is a much safer bet to close the game than Wickman is.

There you have it. Overall, the Braves lineup is slightly more powerful and scarier than the Mets. However, the Mets pitching can shut any team down.

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