Friday, May 04, 2007

Watching History [David Stefanini]

Since I wrote these words...

"The game and this series may be over."

It seems as if the Golden State Warriors have responded and said you are correct, only it's the Mavericks who are finished. I wrote that quote when I saw Baron Davis hobble off the court, and heard the reports about how his playing ability will be affected. But he went on to come back onto the floor late in the 2nd quarter and went on a scoring spree. He scored 11 straight points for the Warriors at one point.

Then the 3rd quarter happened. Stephen Jackson exploded, hitting three after three, and the lead has shot up to, 82-59 with 1:33 remaining in the 3rd.

This is simply amazing to watch. This is going to go down as the greatest upset in NBA history if they can find a way to hold on to this lead.

Everybody knows the Mavericks have one final run in them to try to save their season. We all saw it in Game 5 when they went on a 15-0 run to end the game, and force a Game 6. The Warriors need to keep attacking, and keep the pressure on the Mavs. There is going to be a run by the Mavs, I just hope the Warriors are up enough to hold off them off.

One final thing about this game and the series in general. WHERE IS DIRK? Can some one please explain this to me. I never liked this guy and always thought he was way overrated. However this season I began to like him. I felt he turned the corner and turned himself into a complete basketball player and the MVP of the regular season. But in this series and especially this game, he is looking more and more like the person I thought he was. Everyone said Dirk needs to be the leader and Dirk needs to take over the game; that is not happening. What is happening is he is given up on himself. He attempted only one shot in this entire quarter. How does the MVP of the league, in the biggest game of the season, attempt one shot in the 3rd quarter?

Message to Dirk:

If you do not want to shoot the ball, go sit down on the bench. This is how everyone is going to remember you. They will not remember the 67 wins you lead your team to, rather the 4 losses where you were nowhere to be found in the playoffs. Your play this postseason is making my argument about you being overrated a very easy one to make. Turn it around or you will not live this down.

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