Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Welcome Back Ken Griffey Jr. [David Stefanini]

Isn't it good to see Ken Griffey Jr. performing the way he used to? Here is a guy who has looked the same for the past 15 years. There has never been any questions about steroids or corked bats. He was the best player in the game using only talent, skills, and heart. If he did not miss close to 450 games, we would be talking about a two man race to see who would catch Hank Aaron first.

At the mid-way point of the season Jr. had 22 home runs, 53 RBI's, with a .387 OBP. He was also the leading vote getter for the NL, in this years All-Star Game.

So tomorrow when you are sitting around with family and friends, raise a toast to Ken Griffey Jr. He played the game the right way and its good to see him back to where he once was.

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