Saturday, August 04, 2007

A-Rod is Youngest Ever to 500 [David Stefanini]

Alex Rodriguez has officially become the youngest player to ever hit 500 career home runs. We all knew he would eventually have this record, the question was just when. Well that question was answered in the first inning, on the very first pitch that A-Rod saw.

It is beautiful to watch a player with such a perfect swing achieve milestones like this. When A-Rod swings the bat it looks perfect. He does it with such ease he makes the players around him look bad.

However, I think there is cause for concern on behalf of Yankee nation. When the pressure was on for him to get this home run it took him forever. It put him into a career-tying long 0-21 slump. The past few games he started swinging the bat well though. I think a lot of Yankee fans have to take a step back and say is this going to happen in October? We all know how good A-Rod is in the regular season, we now know he can be great in the 9th inning of baseball games, the question still remains can he do it in the postseason?

With all that said, we should be grateful to have the opportunity to watch A-Rod play. Now the countdown is going to be to #600. Then after that #700, and who knows from there. I look forward to seeing A-Rod play a long and healthy career. If he does that, Barry Bonds will easily be forgotten.

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