Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vinny's Back....Again [David Stefanini]

The Carolina Panthers and QB Vinny Testaverde have agreed on a one-year contract. Here is the story from
"Vinny Testaverde isn't finished yet, even at age 43.
The Carolina Panthers, desperate for a quarterback with Jake Delhomme out for the season and David Carr banged up, signed Testaverde to a one-year deal Wednesday.
The No. 1 overall pick by Tampa Bay in the 1987 draft, Testaverde wore his familiar No. 16 jersey during practice Wednesday. Something that has also become familiar late in his career are comments from teammates as he comes to the line. "Dad" was a big hit with the Panthers."
I think the term grandfather is more appropriate. I was in my car on my way to school and I heard Mike and Mike say how this is the first time in NFL history that an NFL team has QB's on its roster that were drafted #1 overall. Interestingly enough, Vinny may be starting this week. Delhomme is done for the year, and David Carr is pretty banged up. I never thought I'd see Vinny back on a team, now I may see him actually play in a game.

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