Sunday, December 03, 2006

201 Points: One Point too Many? [J. Mark English]

(AP) SALEM, W.Va Sami Wylie made an N-C-A-A record 21 three-pointers and finished with 69 points to help Lincoln University beat Ohio State-Merion 201-to-78.

Lincoln's point total topped the previous Division Three record set in January 2005 by the University of Redlands, which scored 172 points against La Sierra College. Wylie's 21 threes beat Jeff Clement's 19 three-pointers for Division Three Grinnell against Illinois College on February 18th, 1998.

Division Two Troy has the all-time N-C-A-A record with 258 points against DeVry, Georgia, on January 12th, 1992.

Lincoln's 123-point margin of victory also was an N-C-A-A record.

Comment -

Uh, 201 points? I that really necessary? How about a mercy rule? That seems a little drastic...

And for that matter...Troy with 258 points...can't you just let the clock run down and walk away with a normal victory? Are there polls that you're trying to impress? I don't get it...