Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reflection on Phil Jackson's 900th win [David Stefanini]

On January 8th, Phil Jackson won his 900th game as a head coach. For every 100 games coach Jackson has won he has a NBA Championship to go with it. He has three titles with the Lakers and six titles with the Bulls.
There are people out there who say he is not the best coach in NBA history, but I think he is. It is true he had the best player to ever play to help him with six titles, and then he had the Kobe/Shaq duo for his other three; however my answer to that is what was Shaq and Kobe without Phil Jackson.
They were together before Jackson, but they never won. When the Lakers 'broke up' and missed the postseason who got them back the next season, Phil Jackson. One full season after he took over for the Lakers they are right at the top of the Western Conference. Now here is the big difference, this Laker team has the same components year to year, only they have Phil Jackson teaching them. With Jackson guiding them they are returning to an elite team in the league.
Phil Jackson is the best coach in history, and in a couple of years he should be in the 1,000 win club.

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