Sunday, May 06, 2007

Inside My Roundabout Brain Waves [J. Mark English

  • New York Rangers - When my teams lose, they don't just lose, they break my heart. When the New York Mets lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in game 7 of the NLCS, they had to lose on a solo home run in the top of the ninth. They brought my hopes to the brink, and then busted my dreams in a flash. The New York Giants lost to the Eagles in the first round of the NFC playoffs on a last second field goal. And now my New York Rangers lost 5-4 in game 6 today, in a game that was filled of false illusions, with the Blue Shirts falling short every time. I think I'd rather have my team just not make the playoffs, so I don't have to have an off season full of thoughts of "what might have been." In the end though, the real losers are the leagues. I'm sure that the ratings for the conference finals between the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators will suffer greatly without a big market team like the Rangers. And if you recall, the Cardinals / Tigers World Series was the lowest rated series in MLB years.
  • Roger Clemens - Yip yip yip yahoo! The jerk gets to be public enemy number one again to all Mets, and Red Sox fans. Can a man who won't pitch until June be the savior the Yankees desperately need to help save their pitching staff? Whether or not he succeeds in his role he'll be making a fortune per start.
  • New York Mets - Who would you rather have coming back in the mid season? Roger Clemens or Pedro Martinez? If your a winning team and your getting back a hall of fame pitcher who can still bring it, and will not be depended on to make or break your teams fortune, I'd much rather be in the Mets situation with Martinez, then the Yankees predicament with Clemens.
  • Kentucky Derby - Had to love seeing the Queen at the Derby. I hope she enjoyed a real American tradition. This is one sporting event I'd love to see in person. Over 150,000 fans all gathered together, for an annual affair that goes back to near the times of the Civil War. Goosebumps were flowing through me when they sang "My Old Kentucky Home." And then theres the animal that lures millions to watch this race. Mans relationship to the horse is pretty special (given that they were a crucial source of travel for thousands of years). The Derby is a chance where the whole nation is reminded of that special relationship. Of course, there is a disturbing attempt to personify horses, instead of just appreciating their majestic nature. Calling Barbara a hero is absurd. A soldier or Marine fighting for our freedom in Iraq is a hero. Until the day a horse can pick up a gun and pitch in on the terrorists war on us, I will never call the four legged creature a hero. But still, connection felt with these horses is woven into the conscience of America. The country surely felt it during the great depression when through Seabiscut they saw a horse who despite the odds constantly overachieved. As for today, I'm going to make a prediction which I'm sure will be proven wrong by the Belmont. Street Sense will win the Triple Crown. His ability to accelerate and just breeze past the rest of the pact may prove to be prophetic. He's the youngest horse to ever win the Derby. Look for the whole nation to be raptured in this colt by the time of the Belmont.
  • De La Hoya vs. Mayweather - I'd be the first to admit that I am a novice fan of boxing. Last night was the first time I watched a whole fight from opening bell to the final ring. It was a thrilling fight, and gave me a new appreciation of the sport. I'm frustrated though that I missed out on the classic fights when boxing was in its glory days. Talk about a sport in decline. Where are the legends like Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Holyfield, Lennox? For what its worth, the middleweight class has far surpassed the current field of heavy weights. Last nights bout featured a star studded crowd with entertainers, athletes and politicians. We don't know yet, but its possible that PPV may have set a record for amount of subscribers. Both fighters will walk away with millions. I'm looking forward to catching more and more fights from the middleweight class.

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