Friday, June 22, 2007

Miguel Tejada's Streak In Danger [Michael Vinciguerra]

Taken From ESPN:

In Wednesday night's game against the Padres, Tejada was hit on the left wrist by a pitch from Doug Brocail. The source said that the left-wrist fracture, a non-displaced break, is viewed as being serious. If Tejada is forced to miss any action, his streak of 1,152 consecutive regular-season games played would come to an end. It is the fifth-longest streak in big league history and longest current streak in the majors.

I believe if a baseball player was to pursue this kind of record, than an injury such as the one that happened to Tejada, must be devastating. Rarely does a baseball player string together the amount of games Tejada did and once a baseball player breaks his string of games, it's extremly difficult, if even possible, to start a new streak of games. This man played his first game on June 2, 2000 and hasn't stopped. To see the seriousness of how difficult a streak this is, the second longest active streak is by Juan Pierre (343 games) and Grady Sizemore (267 games). These numbers don't nearly match up to Tejada's number. If I was Tejada, I'd pray no balls come my way while playing shortstop and pray for walks while batting.

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