Monday, August 06, 2007

Milestone Overdose? [J. Mark English]

Baseball fans who are annoyed, disturbed, and flat out angry at Bonds might hang their hats on the feats of Tom Glavine and Alex Rodriguez this past weekend.

Saturday night I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert up in Hartford, and wound up drinking with some close buddies at a bar in New Haven afterwards. The TV's were showing replays of A-Rod's 500th home run. After showing his HR from just about every angle, they squeezed in a replay of Bonds smacking HR number 755. It was almost as if ESPN considered Bonds an after thought compared to what A-Rod had done.

Then last night, a deflated friend and I viewed Tom Glavine win his 300th game. Barely any mention of Barry Bonds during the telecast.

How lucky are we to have these three stars align themselves for their milestones at the same time? Barry Bonds somehow, despite tying the most "hallowed" record in all of sports, had to share his spotlight.

There is a sweet irony in all of this. The majority of fans who loathe Barry Bonds for overdosing, can find some sense of justice in the overdose of milestones this past weekend.

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